Top 10 things we learned from the 56th annual Grammy Awards

Crédit photo: Imgur Top 10 things we learned from the 56th annual Grammy Awards
There were countless life lessons to be learned last night - like Beyonce really likes to drink - so it only makes sense to kick off this post-awards morning with a little recap of all the great things we took away from watching the 56th annual Grammys.

10) Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor won't be back next year... or ever 
At least we think he won't be. Why? His closing performance with Dave Grohl, Lindsay Buckingham and Queens of the Stone Age was covered with closing credits, then completely cut off, and he didn't exactly have any kind words to share about the fiasco:

9) LL Cool J is still relevant to Grammy organizers
Let’s be honest, the Grammys are the only time of year any of us see LL Cool J. We're not really sure why organizers keep insisting he host, but we're pretty sure it has something to do with his (very low) fee. 

8) Macklemore LOVES apologizing
First he let the world know that he wanted Kendrick to take home the Grammy for Best Rap Album, then, when that didn't happen, he felt the need to issue an apology on Instagram. You know, just to make sure everyone's aware that he didn't want to win. We repeat: He did not want to win. We get it, Macklemore, you like Kendrick. Now, stop kissing ass and enjoy your award.

7) Katy Perry has been watching too much Gaga
Anyone else notice Katy's crystal ball looked an awful lot like Gaga's egg vessel from the 2011 Grammys? And that her horse had a striking resemblance to Gaga's unicorn from the 2013 AMAs? Yup...
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images
6) Cirque du Soleil does NOT want to hire Pink
Pink just keeps on flying through the air every chance she gets, but no matter how many performances she turns into auditions, Cirque du Soleil clearly has no interest in hiring her. Sorry, Pink. 
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images
5) Queen Latifah has a pretty sick backup plan
Not sure how binding or legal last night's giant marriage ceremony was, but it seems Queen Latifah has found her calling in life if this whole showbiz thing doesn't work out. Always good to have a backup plan, especially one as awesome as this.

4) At a certain age, canes are no longer cool 
This is what happens when you refuse to age naturally, kids. Not only did Madonna look like a mannequin straight out of Madame Tussauds, she proved that canes totally lose their cool factor after a certain age i.e. when you start looking like you actually need it.
3) Taylor Swift is a sort of master of headbanging
Never thought we'd see the day headbanging was made to look this feminine (even if it does have slight hints of an exorcism). Huh...

2) Beyonce loves drinking and hates drying her hair

1) Pharrell Williams is a former Canadian Mountie
Now that we no longer want Bieber, we can totes claim Pharrell as our own. He must be a former Mountie. MUST be. There's no other logical explanation for someone wearing that hat, especially with a red jacket. None.

So, to sum up:


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