Are you a princess? Kate Middleton wants to make sure you know you're not!

We all loooove Kate Middleton. She's beautiful and down to earth. This humble princess is clearly not what comes to mind when we imagine a stereotypical royal. 

Let's say it: We would all accept the chance to be her servant.

But what if she weren't so loveable? What if she acted how we think a princess would act? 

Well, the Tumblr "Kate Middleton For The Win" imagines what the Duchess of Cambridge would say and do if she weren't so nice. 

From the haughty comments to the aloof tone, this hilarious blog is filled with memes of an alternate Kate. It depicts the famous princess crushing every bit of self-worth you may have, but the weird thing about it is it will only make you love her more!

On that note, don't be shy to spend the next three hours discovering this amazing blog (trust me, you will). 

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