Now THIS is how you advertise an erotic film festival!
Rather than relying on the type of raunchy imagery that would be expected from this kind of event (and likely forbidden for public showing), Poland’s Kino Praha Erotic Film Festival decided to try a more cheeky approach to grabbing people's attention and spreading the word about the fest.
Enlisting the help of Polish agency Lowe Warsaw, Kino Praha arrived at four certainly note-worthy posters - they'll stop you in your tracks, alright - with plenty of edge and humor, which feature sexified scenes from some of everyone’s favorite classics: Pshyco, Tarzan, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.
Lightsaber duels? Come on, they had it coming!

Hit or Miss: What do you think of these posters?

Image #1

Copyright: Lowe Warsaw


Image #2

Copyright: Lowe Warsaw


Image #3

Copyright: Lowe Warsaw

Lord of the Rings

Image #4

Copyright: Lowe Warsaw

Star Wars

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