This NYE, Dose's got a list of all the ways for you to get home when you don't even remember where that is. So leave your car in the parking lot this year, here are the best rescue and cab services to make sure you only have to worry about tomorrow morning:

1. Operation Rednose

From the 29th of November up until the 31st of December, volunteers wearing a red vest will be driving around and bringing you back home. Isn't that nice?

2. Taxi Guy
Wherever you are IN THE COUNTRY, just dial this number and be connected to 425 taxi companies covering more than 700 cities. You can get the app on their website.

3. #TAXI

Same deal as the last one: dial a number and be connected right away to the nearest available cab - an app is also available. 
4. Hailo
If you're in Montreal or Toronto, here is a very useful app. All you need is a credit card and a finger. Tap twice and get a cab right in front of you. You don't even need to carry cash as the amount is simply deduced from your credit account.
It gets better: in association with Molson Coors, Hailo is distributing $10 coupons in participating establishments in Montreal and Toronto to make sure you've got your #exitstrategy figured out.

5. Point Zero 8
<Members only> Point Zero 8 is a designated drivers service in Montreal which permits you to get driven home from the comfort of your own car.

Do the smart thing this year: get drunk safe.

Or I hope you have friends as funny as this one:

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