I don't know about you but I've finally reached my breaking point with Kanye. Dude needs to tone it down. A lot. For reals.

During his San Antonio concert last night, West actually ordered his security guard to kick out a woman because she was heckling him.

Which might have been okay IF:

  1. She was being violent
  2. She was super offensive
  3. She caused a scene and disrupted the show 
  4. *Insert crazy ex-girlfriend move here*
None of that happened, though. Her crime? Yelling at Kanye to take off his mask.

"Do I look like a motherfucking comedian?" said Yeezus over and over again as the girl was escorted and the crowd cheered. "Don't fucking heckle me." 

Hmmmm, ever stop to think she just wanted to see your 'gorgeous' face, Kanye? Maybe she paid a whole bunch of money to see you and not that Maison Martin Margiela contraption that only Lady Gaga could pull off?

Surely someone with an ego as big as yours should appreciate that sentiment, not punish it.

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