When she was just 12 years old, Rebecca Brown began pulling out her hair. It wasn’t because of school stress or plain ol' nerves, though, it was due to a rare medical condition called Trichotillomania.
Defined by a compulsive urge to pull out one's own hair, the disorder can vary in severity and in Brown's case, it was so intense that she was practically bald by 16 and forced her to shave her head by 19.

But instead of despairing, the now 20-year-old student decided to take charge, as well as help others struggling with the condition.
Taking a photo of herself every day for five years, Brown made the touching video below and began regularly posting content to her YouTube page, which has garnered millions of views. Her motivation? The extreme lack of information available online.
For those suffering from Trichotillomania, Brown has become a beacon of light and somewhat of a celebrity, even being mobbed by fans when she attended the Trichotillomania Learning Centre Conference in New Jersey earlier this year. 
We're happy to report that Brown is now on the road to recovery and that she continues to be a major source of inspiration within the community, never giving up hope and always willing to share her time and experiences with others.

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