Before you design your next holiday card, we recommend checking out this selection of the worst family portraits EVER.

Not only will they make you say ''Oh no they didn't...'', they'll make you think twice before posing for you next photo op. 

Image #1

this must be a joke

Image #2

Shh, It'll be over soon.

Image #3

Just like it used to be

Image #4

Nop. Nooop!

Image #5

Good times!

Image #6

G little grab.

Image #7

Even if that means you've gotta wear daisy Dukes!

Image #8

Hold it, hoooold itt!

Image #9

They liked pizza from a very young age

Image #10

Good old family humping

Image #11

Image #12

His face is the darkest shade of wrong

Image #13


Image #14

We threw chicken in the air because we could! That's why!

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