OK, so everybody knows Reddit is a source of infinite WTFs and LOLs and this week a redditor named but_it_was_funny (!) had the genius idea to ask other redditors for their favorite GIFs ever aka the GIF that gets them laughing every single time, no exceptions.

What he got from it was basically the best GIF collection ever made.

Now, we've compiled the best below and trust us, they are all worth the watch... and the loading time!

The unexpected frontal collision

The raccoon thief

HUH.,.what do you want?!

Inception bucket man


My personal favorite: The swaggy dog with jazz hands

Catch itttttt....
Ah, shit!

The distress on this little girl's face is priceless!

A classic!


The definition of swag


Clever kid (Extra hilarious if you've seen the original ad)

Blindsided cat

Karate Cat

Bitch Bus

The dog that's seen stuff... bad stuff

It's just so wrong but so hilarious!

Cookie Monster contemplating his soon-to-be cookie binge!

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