10 minutes with Paris' Breakbot aka Thibaut Berland before his Toronto & Montreal shows

Crédit photo: Ed Banger Records 10 minutes with Paris' Breakbot aka Thibaut Berland before his Toronto & Montreal shows
French DJ/producer Breakbot (real name Thibaut Berland) has a stellar debut album out, By Your Side, and is gearing up for a DJ set in Toronto tomorrow night, followed by a stop in Montreal to celebrate Ed Banger Records' 10th anniversary with Justice and Busy-P on Halloween night.

We gave Breakbot a call to talk all things music.

How did your collaboration with Ed Banger Records start?
I was friends with Xavier de Rosnay in graphic school, I was 18 years old, so we made music together at the time. Then I went to study away from Paris and when I came back he was doing Justice. Then I did a remix for them, my first remix ever, it was on Waters of Nazareth. That was in 2007 I think.
What was it like recording By Your Side, your first ever full-length record?
I didn't know what to expect... It was quite a long process because I wasn't really proficient, so I had to take a lot of time to make the tracks. It took me about three years to finish the record. I had 18 or 19 songs, then I chose the ones that would be on the record. Usually, I try to find some chord progression, I will record it then add some bass, drums and sometimes guitar… then it becomes a song [laughs].
You’ve got some great vocalists on the album – did you know them all before you recorded together?
There are three vocalists on the album; it’s like three different stories. I met Irfane in Paris through a mutual friend. He was on a song called ‘Sweet Night’ with him a few years ago. We became friends and then he did five songs on the album.
I met Ruckazoid in Los Angeles through another mutual friend and his voice felt like Michael Jackson and so I was very interested. Bjorn Synneby from Pacific! is a Swedish guy I met cause I did remixes for him a long time ago.
Do you have a favorite By Your Side track?
I think I like ‘One Out of Two’ the most.

Of all the cities you’ve played in, is there one that stands out?
Actually, it’s quite fun to be able to change all the time. I like to travel. Even when you go to the centre of the country or you go to a little city it's a different crowd, its always a bit different… I guess I like change.

Breakbot plays...
Toronto - Oct 30 - The Hoxton (DJ) - Tickets!
Montreal - Oct 31 - Metropolis (LIVE) - Tickets!

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