Can a day not go by in Hollywood without the start of some inexplicable,  unfounded celeb feud? Apparently not.

Mizz Kelly Osbourne - who we usually love and respect and who, for the longest time, had us believing she was all about the peace- totally lost it on Instagram and Twitter after Lady Gaga appeared on UK's The X Factor and gave judge Sharon Osbourne a cake for Kelly's 29th birthday.

What's wrong with such a sweet gesture? Nothing. Whether it was a publicity stunt or not, it was in no way meant to be mean. After all, how could giving someone a birthday cake be considered cruel?!

Sharon even Tweeted to say she was "blown away by Lady Gaga's performance and graciousness."

But alas, it seems Kelly was having a bad day and everything was pissing her off because she unleashed this confusing rant on Gaga:
Umm, what on earth are you talking about, Kelly? You not only sound ungrateful but like a moody brat. And would the use of spell check kill you?!

Oh yeah, and this follow-up picture was just unnecessary and probably ruder than anything else...

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