Natalie Portman's Thor: The Dark World premiere LOOK FOR LESS

Natalie Portman's Thor: The Dark World premiere LOOK FOR LESS

Simple yet eye-catching, Natalie Portman’s Thor: The Dark World red carpet look is perfect for the upcoming holiday party season!

Yes, that magical time of year when you try on everything in your closet in a panic, yelling ‘I own absolutely nothing good enough to wear to this stupid party!' is almost upon us.

Which is why we’re starting our wardrobe prep early - right now, in fact - and kicking things off with this elegant look.

Shirt: Because the skirt is so over the top, your blouse really needs to be basic to properly balance things out... unless you want to walk around all evening looking like a giant colorful Christmas ornament. A tight, long-sleeved black shirt is best.

Skirt: This outfit is not for you if you don’t want to stand out. Bold and full of volume, the skirt in this look is sure to have people talking. But unless you want to run the risk of being mistaken for a pile of tinsel, shift away from metallics and pick a quieter flower print. This will also help the garment’s longevity, as it’ll make it easier to wear again without people thinking ‘How many more times is she gonna show up in that silver number?!’. Lless volume than Natalie's choice is also a good idea, so it’s not only easier to move around in but way more flattering on every body type.

Jewels: Natalie kept her accessories to a minimum and we’re following suit. Some earring bling and one or two bold rings are all you need. We don’t love the clunky watch she’s wearing, though, so we’ve swapped it for a silver statement-making bangle that matches the rest of our jewelry.

Shoes: You don’t want your skirt dragging on the floor, so depending on its length and your height you’ll have to choose your heels appropriately. We went for plain black pumps to keep things streamlined, but a pop of color could also be really fun (especially if the skirt you choose is more toned down).

For full details on this look, visit our Polyvore here!

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