Your boyfriend/girlfriend isn't being as touchy as you'd like? Why not try some aphrodisiac foods?!

Enjoy, my friends!

Image #1

Chocolate - it's perfect for the perfect evening with your lover.

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Oysters are a delicious win. Serve with lemon or Tabasco.

Image #3

Coffee is not just for energy. Add chocolate and you have a double dose!

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Savoring champagne before a meal is a good start to the evening.

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Everything that is spicy is an aphrodisiac! Add hot peppers to your hamburger or pasta.

Image #6

Caviar is good in sushi or in a seafood salad.

Image #7

Avocados are healthy and yummy in salads and sandwiches.

Image #8

Mint is pleasant in mojitos, cakes, ice cream and coffee.

Image #9

Cinnamon tastes great in coffee or tea.

Image #10

Capers are good with salad, pasta and with fish like salmon.

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