10 cute kittens = 10 opportunities to AWWW the crap out of your computer screen.

Yes, we're counting down the Top 10 cutest kitten GIFs of the Interwebs just for you.

Tell us which one is your fave in the comments below!


10) The climbers

9) The hungry kitten

8) The kitten who looks like he's straight out of some Japanese wet dream

7) The kitten who likes to play cowboys and prisoners

6) The pair of tired kittens

5) The dubious kitten

4) The kitten who felt just like (s)he was at the spa

3) The poor kitty who was having a bad dream (AWWWWW!)

2) The kitten who can appreciate a good stroke on his fluffy belly

1) The cat that just doesn't care (about kittens) cause he's throwin' those paws up in the air! 

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