Jason Derulo, A$AP Rocky, Rihanna, Hayley Williams - it was an interesting week for music videos!

Crédit photo: Jason Derulo Jason Derulo, A$AP Rocky, Rihanna, Hayley Williams - it was an interesting week for music videos!

Jason Derulo - Marry Me
This video was Jason’s way of getting to roll around in bed and make out with a hot girl for a whole day of shooting. It had to be. The song is sweet and all about finding love, so does the vid really need to have Jason in bed, in the tub and everywhere else, getting it on with his girl? No. If we wanted bad porn, we wouldn't have gone to YouTube. And sorry, but vodka, milk and jewellery just cannot have placements in the same video. #fail

A$AP Rocky feat. Rihanna - Fashion Killa
Considering this song is an ode to some of the world's greatest fashion designers, the only downfall of this video is that there isn't more, more, more fashion. We only saw Rihanna rock three outfits and a few accessory changes, which isn't nearly enough. And after she teased us with some shots of playful, laughing RiRi at the start, we wanted way more of that too. Damn it.

Zedd feat. Hayley Williams - Stay The Night
Yowza, Hayley Williams looks gorgeous. In fact, this whole video is beautifully shot. Every aspect consists of pure artsy perfection, from the piano player to the way the feuding couple is actually dancing instead of pretending to scream and fight. Yes, the duo's fight is replaced with a contemporary dance piece worthy of So You Think You Can Dance. Everything about this vid is different... and awesome.

Skylar Grey - Get Lucky (Daft Punk Cover)
Well, that was certainly one of the longest car commercials ever filmed. Oh, it wasn't a car commercial? Oops, could’ve fooled us. That, friends, is the first big problem. The next is that no one should ever attempt to surpass the greatness of Daft Punk’s music by attempting to record a cover. And, last but not least, if Skylar wanted to release a fun, silly video, she totally could have gotten away with this vid, if only she had chosen a song that actually accompanied its vision.

Small Black - Breathless
It’s funny how a non-mainstream band can come out with a video that's more visually appealing and interesting than most of the vids big pop stars have released in the past few months. Maybe that's cause they actually thought of the concept themselves instead of paying someone to do it for them. 'Breathless' doesn't have a crazy plot, but it's great because it's all about real life, showing real people doing real things. Not ‘gangstas’ getting drunk, macking on chicks and showing off their gold chains. A+.

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