– a website that pairs you up with random people from around the world and lets you chat with them via webcam – may have been started by 17-year-old Russian schoolboy Andrey Ternovskiy as a cool, harmless way to interact with others from abroad, but that’s not how the Internet works.
Not to sound too pessimistic or anything, but there are way too many people out there with too much time on their hands, just waiting to take advantage of unsuspecting strangers. Especially tweens and teens, which only makes this trend more terrifying, as has become a hotbed for mostly unwanted sexual pursuits.
The site is basically a roulette version of Skype where individuals log on for free, start a chat with a stranger and, if they don't like what they see, can press the ‘next’ button to leave the convo and start a new random connection.
What’s really scary about this trend is how easy it is to go on the site, how lacking it is in anonymity and just how quickly it can become X-rated.
The site doesn't require users to register, so literally anyone can start using it at the click of a button. Sure, you can ‘report’ users with bad behavior, but all that means is that they won’t be allowed to chat with anyone for 40 minutes, then they’ll be let back on.
The fact that teenagers can unknowingly reveal details about themselves that could make them easy to track is perhaps the scariest thing of all... until you realize how much nakedness and exploitation there is on
The large majority of users are men and many of them usually choose to aim the camera at their privates and waste no time asking girls to take their clothes off, too.
The site has reached an unbelievable one million visitors each day, which means this is one very real, very terrifying trend.

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