OK, so this isn't exactly a group of celebs we'd expect to get into a feud - it's just such a random mix - but hey, stranger things have happened.

We guess, technically, Kelly Clarkson started this one with her VMAs Tweet which called someone a pitchy stripper. Although she didn't name drop, we don't really have any doubts as to who she was referring to. Just look at it - it's pretty obvious, no?

Kelly then kept on sharing her opinions about today's young singers, sending a ton of love to Selena Gomez. We gotta agree with what she's saying... and give her props for turning things positive again.

Unfortunately, not everyone is feeling the love for Kelly right now, least of all Miley's crew.

First, blogger Dominic Riccitello Tweeted: "Kelly Clarkson called Miley a pitchy stripper. Do you think she's mad because her past few singles flopped and wasn't asked to perform?"

Then, it got even worse, as Miley's bestie, Cheyne Thomas, Tweeted this sweet message: "And she's fat and 30…the reasons Kelly Clarkson is bitter could really go on for days." He then quickly erased it and wrote: "Not 'starting a battle' it's not that serious.. Was just being a sarcastic asshole as usual." At least he got that part right. 

When did celebs get so petty and mean? Oh, wait… 

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