Ashley Greene and Kristen Bell face off in this week’s ACTOR SMACKDOWN

Crédit photo: Cosmopolitan Ashley Greene and Kristen Bell face off in this week’s ACTOR SMACKDOWN

Ashley Michele Greene is a relatively new actress on the scene and is currently best known for one particular role – Alice Cullen in the Twilight films. Initially setting out to be a model, Greene was told she was too short to work in fashion (she’s only 5’5”) and that she should focus on commercials instead. Signing up for an acting class, she fell in love and moved to LA to pursue her dream. She was cast as Alice Cullen in 2008 and her upcoming film, Wish I Was Here, is her biggest yet, starring Zach Braff, Kate Hudson and Jim Parsons.
Kristen Anne Bell is an actress and producer who got her start in 2001 in a rather unconventional way – she got a role in the Broadway adaptation of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. After moving to LA, she landed the title character role on TV series Veronica Mars, which ran from 2004 to 2007, and that’s when she really began being recognized for her work. In 2008, she played Sarah Marshall in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and has been in movies like Couples Retreat and When in Rome since and will star in The Lifeguard next. Point: Greene
Greene may only have received nominations for Teen Choice Awards throughout her career to date, but she won all five times she was nominated, which is kinda impressive. All for Twilight, obviously.
Bell has won a Satellite Award and Saturn Award for her work on TV. She has also been nominated several times for Teen Choice Awards, but has yet to take one home. Point: Greene
Greene is a representative of Avon and their no testing on animals policy and was presented with an award for her efforts by none other than the PETA foundation.
Bell has been a vegetarian since the age of 11 and has regularly fostered animals. She also supports the Invisible Children, Inc. charity and has backed up the Writers Guild of America, showing up at the picket lines along with them in 2007 during the writer's strike. Point: Bell
Verdict: Greene takes home our (imaginary) Dose Smackdown trophy!

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