Robin Thicke's evolution from hippie to clean-cut nice guy to Miley Cyrus grinder in five easy steps

Robin Thicke's evolution from hippie to clean-cut nice guy to Miley Cyrus grinder in five easy steps

Step 1: The riding on bikes, wearing terrible clothes era
Thicke had his first commercial success with "When I Get You Alone" back in 2002, a time when he was just going by Thicke and riding bikes around the city with his long hair blowing in the wind. He also had an attraction for, there's no other way to say it, ugly clothes. And just wait till you see his elevator dance moves...


Step 2: The I'm just a nice Canadian boy era
Hold on to your seats, this is what Robin looked like in 2012. That's right - last year!

No fly suit, no girls twerking all around him and no superstar rappers in his crew. Yup, these were the good ol' days when Robin was a nice, clean-cut boy who just wanted to play with puppies and eat ice cream. At least, that's what this photo says to us.

Pretty sure Miley would not have agreed to grind on him then...

Step 3: The I can get naked girls in my videos now that I've had a makeover era
After a lot of ups and downs and not too much big-time success, Thicke took the world by surprise earlier this year, blowing everyone's minds and delivering the song of the summer with his new track, "Blurred Lines". Long hair gone and hippie clothes swapped for stylish suits, Thicke's new look was a s-s-sexy success. Pharrell and T.I. wouldn't have been seen with him otherwise. 

Step 4: The holy crap, he's grinding Miley Cyrus era
OK, so this wasn't exactly an era, but it was the moment that changed the world's view of Robin forever (again). He was riding high and had everyone eating out of the palm of his hand, but last night's MTV VMAs performance crossed the line of no return. We could deal with the naked ladies in his video, but a 20-year-old grinding all up on his business? No, thank you. And swapping Pharrell and T.I. for 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar was a downfall in itself. 

Step 5: The my new video will help me lose even more fans era
And so we've reached the final step in Robin Thicke's transformation and it's the most critical one because this is where everything changes and Robin's star stands the chance of fading. Pretty much copying the "Blurred Lines" video - Robin just swapped rappers, added more ass and so many captions (which originally made "Blurred Lines" cool but are now just boring) - the whole thing seems rather unimaginative and lacklustre.

See what happens when you stop being yourself, kids? Bad things. Very. Bad. Things.

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