Lindsay Lohan, Marion Cotillard & Natalie Portman and Drew Barrymore land in our MORNING QUICKIES

Crédit photo: Rob Kim Lindsay Lohan, Marion Cotillard & Natalie Portman and Drew Barrymore land in our MORNING QUICKIES

Papa Lohan blames himself and Dina for LiLo's downfall!

Well, we never, ever thought we'd see the day, but we were obvs wrong. In a totally unforseen twist, Lindsay's dad, Michael Lohan, openly blamed himself and Linds' mother Dina for all of the young starlets problems with drugs and alcohol.

In a recent interview, Michael said: “I don’t think she should have taken any of the blame for what happened to her. It’s my fault and Dina's fault. We put her in the middle of the divorce. Now it’s up to me and Dina to make this better."

As sweet as that is, though, isn't it best if they don't start meddling in Lindsay's life again? She finally seems to have things on track and we hope it stays that way!

Marion Cotillard steals Natalie Portman's job - yowza!

Ian Gavan/Getty ImagesWell, well, well, ins't Marion a sneaky one?

As planning continues for the new big screen adaptation of Shakespeare's Macbeth, it seemed way back in May that Mizz Natalie Portman had snagged the lead female role of Lady Macbeth. But now, the tides are turning.

Reports have surfaced claiming that Natalie's part has been handed over to none other than French actress Marion Cotillard. Ouch.

The beauty will be starring with Michael Fassbender and production is set to start at the end of this year.

Drew Barrymore plans to release a book... of photos... of hearts

Jason Merritt/Getty Images In addition to acting, Drew has fostered a deep love for photography for years and that love will now be unveiled to the world in mega form, as she gears up to release a 96-page coffee table book on January 14.

Titled Find It in Everything, the book is a collection of photos of heart-shaped objects she's been taking snaps of over the past 10 years.

Drew explained:"I have always loved hearts. The way that one continuous line accomplishes the most extraordinary thing - it conveys love. Hearts are my beacons. I love them man-made and natural, young and old. Whenever and wherever I see the heart shape, a smile spreads across my face. The heart has an unbeatable romance when you discover one where you least expect it." 

Psssttt ! Envoie-ça à ton ami!