Kelly Clarkson, Lady Gaga and Jeffree Star make it into our Top 5 new music videos

Crédit photo: Kelly Clarkson Kelly Clarkson, Lady Gaga and Jeffree Star make it into our Top 5 new music videos

Kelly Clarkson - Tie It Up

We've seriously never seen Kelly as happy as she is in the new video for 'Tie It Up'. Just a couple months before her own wedding, Kelly has released THE cutest video for THE sweetest song which is, you guessed it, all about getting married. Made up of scenes of her performing at a barnyard wedding - she's so happy, she's glowing and we love it! - and footage of both straight and gay couples saying 'I Do', we just love everything about this video and its positive vibe and message. So much so, we're going to watch it again right now!

Lady Gaga - Applause

Sure, it's billed as just a lyric video, but if you know Gaga at all, nothing she does is plain and boring. Not even a lyric video. Shot exclusively for the occasion at a cabaret-style drag show, the video shows off Mother Monster, enjoying a night on the town, taking in a great drag performances that even features a duo wearing the now signature white sheet and clown makeup of 'Applause'. It all looks like so much fun, we wish we could have been there! JEALOUS!
SonReal - Everywhere We Go

We'd describe Vancouver artist SonReal as the new Classified, but even if that's not necessarily your style of music or your 'thnig', we recommend this video for its comedic factor. It makes us think of something Lonely Island would release, except the humor stops at the video concept because the music is actually not a joke and it's a super infectious track - which is an awesome surprise. Go on, be the first of your friends to discover 'Everywhere We Go' and then brag about it everywhere you go.
Jeffree Star - Love to My Cobain

We're gonna cut right to the chase and say it - we were expecting WAY more from the super fabulous diva that is Jeffree Star. This video looks like two separate vids were accidentally stuck together. Let us explain... the shots of Jeffree (other than the bathroom ones) are super glamorous and gorgeous and the clothes are to die for. The shots of the random fighting couple that are supposed to reflect the lyrics of the song look like a low budget home movie with two people who clearly should not be actors of any kind. So, we're 50-50 on this one.

Zendaya - Replay

We didn't know much about Zendaya when we clicked on this video link, but it was all over our YouTube page, so we thought, 'Why not?' Well, we now know why we were in the dark about this songstress - the whole experience was very meh. Don't get us wrong, we love a great dance sequence, but not when that's all that happens in the video and when, most of the time, there's only one person dancing in front of a mirror. We're underwhelmed. Very much so.

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