So Long Suckers - Guuuuh, so tired! Also, flash-Chicago!

So Long Suckers - Guuuuh, so tired! Also, flash-Chicago!

Hi guys!

This'll be a short one, I'm half dead. This trip has been amazing, but I'm way too old for this shit! No, seriously, I'm beat! All the driving, constant switching between time zones and gross convenience store food is definitely getting to me (and my ass). 

So today we took a quick tour of Chicago. Drove around, visited the Lincoln Park free zoo, ate in Wicker Park with an amazing friend-of-a-friend, went up to the roof of the John Hancock Center at night to enjoy the view. All of this was fun, though Chicago traffic blows pretty hard. But all in all, it was a very nice day!

On our way here, we spent a little time in St. Louis, which we didn't know much about. Turns out it's the cutest city! We loved it, especially Soulard, and I'd really love to go back one day and stay longer. We also stopped in a town named Pawnee and giggled cause of Parks and Rec. 

Tomorrow we're crossing the border into Canada from Detroit to Windsor. Hopefully it doesn't take too long! After one last night in London Ontario, we're finally getting home. I'll debrief friday with one last post for you, include my suggestions, dos and don'ts, best and worst moments and such. We've learned, loved and lived a lot this past month! That's gotta mean we've gained some wisdom somehow, along with some pounds and weird callouses.

That's it for me. My ass is sore and I'm going blind from sleepiness, but I love y'all!


Psssttt ! Envoie-ça à ton ami!