So Long Suckers - Higher and higher

So Long Suckers - Higher and higher

Hey everyone!

We left you in Flagstaff, Arizona, with a mild case of altitude sickness. We made our way to Santa Fe, New Mexico, through many hours of crazy scenery. We listened to music while crossing the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest National Park, where we got a little insane at the gift shop. The Petrified Forest is amazing! These pieces of wood are TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY MILLIONS YEARS OLD. They actually hung out with dinosaurs! From what we learned, they're fossil-like remnants of a forest that used to stand there back when it was a tropical climate. After the trees died, they were buried under volcanic ashes and stayed there for so long that the silica from the ground turned the wood into rock. It's actually very hard and full of colors, but it kept the shape and texture of the trees it used to be. You can polish it until it shines! It survived all this time in the ground, as the continents shifted and the climate changed up until they were sitting in a desert. It's pretty intense to hold something so old and rich in your hands. Yay for being able to buy such a piece of history for ten bucks. 

Same old same old INSANE NATURE around us for hours and hours, though we're a little more tired now due to the altitude. We took it easy in Santa Fe, which is gorgeous by the way, so unique, magical and exotic with it's old adobe homes and millions of galleries. I'd been waiting to discover this city for years now, and I'm certainly not dissapointed! The unique vibe, architecture and cool cultural background remind me of New Orleans, as both make you feel like you're not in the USA anymore. 

Tomorrow we're going even higher until we reach Taos, and the next day we'll drive like nuts to Oklahoma City. Next time we talk, we'll have left New Mexico and crossed Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Illinois. 

We're slowly making our way back home, hopefully with the same luck we've had so far with the weather and the amazingness. 

We love you!

Distance: 10 480 km

Lady in Red, Chris de Burgh
The Smiths, Please Please Please Let me Get What I Want
Folklore, Y'a tu d'la bière icitte (don't ask)

Field notes:

Altitude Sickness in an actual thing I knew nothing about. If you're going to stay higher than 5000ft in altitude, plan accordingly. Stay hydrated, they say, avoid booze and plan a day to rest. I have to admit it kicked our butts pretty hard. Nothing too bad, but it slowed us down for sure.


I miss my doggies. Also, clean clothes.

Simon Chénier is the best DJ on Earth and one sexy mofo. He made us the absolute best soundtrack for the trip, which will hold dear memories forever and that's just priceless. I love him. Ladies, he's single. Hop on. 

Psssttt ! Envoie-ça à ton ami!