So Long Suckers - Arizona, awesomeness and oxygen deprivation

So Long Suckers - Arizona, awesomeness and oxygen deprivation

Allo everyone!

We're now in Flagstaff, Arizona, and I'm writing this in the car as we're on our way back from the Grand Canyon. It would be silly to try and describe it with words, so I won't even try, but below are a truckload of pictures. Let's just say we could hardly handle ourselves, and stayed silent for the most part, with the exception of a few giggles and many swear words. We felt absolutely tiny, and I've seen colors today I didn't even know existed. The overwhelming feeling of standing on the edge of such immensity and beauty will no doubt stay with me until the day I die. What a wonderful, breathtaking gift of nature. Seeing it with our own eyes was truly a privilege.

Needless to say, you have to come see it for yourself! Just layers upon layers of magical colors over a distance that our brains can't even begin to comprehend. It was simply fucking crazy.

Yesterday, we traveled from LA to Flagstaff. After leaving Los Angeles, we drove through the most desertic landscapes I had ever seen so far, and the heat got completely ridiculous. My guess was a solid 45 degrees celsius. I had never felt such heat, not even in New Orleans. By the time we were in Arizona, it had dropped to something like 15 degrees. The scenery had also changed radically, and it looks like Oregon or Washington here, with deep woods and mountains. Flagstaff sits at about 7000ft in the air, I think, and at some point on our way to the Canyon we were 8000ft high. We're not sure if it's in our heads, but we've all been feeling a little weird, possibly from a bit of altitude sickness. Hopefully we  soon, since Santa Fe and Taos are just as elevated. 

Tomorrow, we're heading out to New Mexico to spend two nights in Santa Fe. It looks beautiful from what I've seen and I'm really excited to visit! Now let's just hope the forecast of the next six days, non-stop thunderstorms everywhere we go, is wrong!

As usual, keep an eye on our Instagrams for an insane amount of pictures!

Distance : 9619 km

Soundtrack :

Robin et Stella music CD, which was ridiculous
Soirée Canadienne, which was hilarious
AA Bondy, American Hearts

Field notes :

Souvenirs shops around here are way too awesome : we've bought more stuff today than in all the rest of the trip!

My husband looks very very good in front of the Grand Canyon.

I had to pee in the woods and hated it so fucking much.

We've seen more French tourists than locals. It's an invasion!

Simon about the GPS, just now : « It's the most boring video game ever »  

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