So Long Suckers - Three Amigos

So Long Suckers - Three Amigos

Hello, awesomes!

By the time you read this, we'll be on our way to Flagstaff, Arizona. We'll be driving through the desert after saying goodbye to Los Angeles and the ocean. Boo-hoo. 

Last time we spoke, we were still Simon-less! There is now three of us, and Simon will drive back home with us for the next ten days. This here is Simon, aka Chen, and trust me on this: you love him. He's all sorts of awesome and zero sorts of annoying. 

We got to pop his Pacific Ocean cherry on saturday, which was quite a privilege! He drew us with our silly airport sign we had made for him. This is us. Proceed to squee.

Now, enjoy boys on our rooftop followed by boys on the beach. God I'm gonna miss this place. 

Together, we all went to visit Hollywood's Wax Museum, having read in a hilarious Vice article that it was America's worst wax museum. Let's just say it didn't dissapoint; it was terrible. Below you do not have the ugliest sculptures, but you do have the sassiest picture. 

We also had the chance of meeting topless, nippleless wax Jeannie doing a reverse shocker. 

Sunday was spent eating like pigs and hanging out at the beach with some friends, old and new. We had In-N-Out, because you really can't be in LA and not eat there... several times. We also stopped by Randy's Donuts for a glamorous photo op and a dozen of fucking unbelievable donuts. On the ride back, we came to the conclusion that their glazed donut was worthy of having sex with. I don't have the apparatus needed to penetrate the delicious pastry, but I'm sure I'll find a way. I'm very creative. 

We said goodbye to the ocean, ate our feelings (again) and are getting ready to hit the road tomorrow morning. I hope the next ten days of intense driving will go as well as the first ten did, and I'm pretty excited to explore new areas I have never seen before. I'm especially looking forward to our 4 days in Santa Fe and Taos. 

Oh! I almost forgot: we DID finally see a celebrity. We almost rear-ended Stanley Tucci in traffic. 

After writing this, we're going to meet our neighbors, an awesome family of painters from New York City, for a cheesecake-donut-wine orgy on our terrace with a view of the skyline and Laurel Canyon. What an amazing way to end our stay in Los Angeles! (Update: it WAS the best way possible to spend our last night! We all sat on the roof with pastries, wine and cherries, enjoying the view of the city and the company of each other. A special hi to you three, adorable family of artists! We're so glad we met you! Noemi, tell your dad I was serious about buying his painting of the Canyon if he wants to sell it to me! <3)

Next time we talk, we'll have seen the Grand Canyon! Clearly we will have gone nuts with the pictures, which you can always see live on Instagram. There's the #solongsuckers hashtag or our respective accounts, @gabbebe @desebastopol and now @chenvideo. 


Soundtrack: Julee Cruise, Floating into the night. Whole album, non stop. There is NOT a better nighttime LA driving soundtrack. (FYI: she's the voice of the Twin Peaks theme song, among other songs you might recognize, and the album was co-wrote with David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti.) Yay for dream pop. 

Field notes:

Massive sugar/coffee buzz it not fun when stuck in LA traffic. 

LA smog makes the most beautiful lilac-colored sunsets over the city. 

We took a turn up a hill and got hit in the face with the ocean while listening to Transatlantcism really loud; Simon says it was the absolute best way to see the Pacific for the first time. 

Psssttt ! Envoie-ça à ton ami!