The Wolverine, Blue Jasmine and The To Do List are the most hyped up new movies of the week

Crédit photo: The Wolverine The Wolverine, Blue Jasmine and The To Do List are the most hyped up new movies of the week

The Wolverine
Starring Hugh Jackman (of course), the latest film in the X-Men series (the sixth, to be exact) follows Wolverine as he travels to Japan to face an enemy from his past.

But not only is our superhero faced with having to fight actual threats, like samurai warriors, he has to overcome an inner struggle against his own immortality and come to terms with his emotions.

Oh, and Hugh Jackman’s killer abs are back to toy with OUR emotions – yes!

Blue Jasmine
Blue Jasmine is the latest film to be written and directed by Woody Allen – do we really need to say any more? You just know it’s going to be awesome and weird because, well, it’s Woody Allen!

Starring Cate Blanchett, Alec Baldwin, Sally Hawkins and even Louis C.K. (and no Scarlett Johansson – GASP!), Blue Jasmine tells the story of a rich woman named Jasmine, who originally hails from New York but finds herself broke and in San Francisco, living with her sister and basically giving up everything that used to be great and glamorous about her life.

A man then enters her life and, as in all movies, is the cause of the ups and downs that follow. But this isn’t just your average boring love story or chick flick, no, this is another fabulous Woody Allen creation.

The To Do List 
Set in the summer of 1993, the idea behind the To Do List is simple (and, yes, it’s been done before): High school student Brandy Clark is on her way to college and, feeling pressured to become more sexually savvy, she writes up a list of things she wants to try before heading off to college in the fall.

Written and directed by Maggie Carey, the movie features Aubrey Plaza, Bill Hader, Rachel Bilson and Andy Samberg and is a (mostly) funny R-rated comedy that’s perfect if you just want to wind down and not use your brain for a little while. Which, considering crazy work schedules, is very welcome.

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