You can’t always believe the hype surrounding Internet “sensations” hailing from YouTube because, let’s face it, some viral videos suck and we have no idea how they ever got to be popular, but in the case of comedian and video blogger Ray William Johnson, all the buzz is well deserved.
Started in 2007 by Johnson, Equals Three (or =3) shot to popularity by combining something we all love, viral videos, with, well, something else we all love, video bloggers.
Picking out some of the funniest and most interesting viral videos on the web and lovingly tearing them apart with his funny commentary and criticisms, Johnson has landed on a magic formula that has made his one of the most subscribed to channels on YouTube.
As of April, Equals Three had a whopping 8.1 million subscribers and over 2.2 billion video views and has even been recognized by Guinness World Records, so you know it’s really legit.
Cause he’s so awesome and popular, Johnson has even managed to convince some celeb guests to come on his show, including Robin Williams, Margaret Cho and Jason Biggs.

Now, it's time to join the dark side and subscribe to Equals Three.

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