Well, we gotta say - kinda disappointed in JT with this one.

The usually extra fine Mr. Timberlake released his latest video for new single 'Tunnel Vision' on Wednesday only to immediately get it banned by YouTube for violating policies against nudity - there was just way too much nudity in the clip and it was way too racy for YouTube execs (and most of the world) to handle.

What's all the commotion about, you ask?

Well, while JT and Timbaland do their thing and sing/show off some dance moves, shots of topless girls in nude panties rolling around through clouds of smoke fade in and out. And we're talking a LOT of boob shots here, folks, not just your occasional nipple.

To clear things up, we're not really upset with JT pushing the envelope - he can do what he wants - but we don't get what it is with celebs amping up the sex factor as high as they possibly can for absolutely no reason except that they want to get a reaction out of people.

Nudity is fine if it's done tastefully and needed to help along your artistic expression, but when you randomly decide to fill your video with naked chicks, that's a whole different thing.

Hmm, wonder why JT never makes any contact with them in the video... and what Mrs. Timberlake (aka Jessica Biel) thinks of the whole thing?

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