Epic Rap Battles of History kick ass, proves YouTube isn't just good for cat shenanigans

Crédit photo: Epic Rap Battles of History will have you laughing and hey, maybe they'll even teach you something! Epic Rap Battles of History kick ass, proves YouTube isn't just good for cat shenanigans

You want a laugh so good it’ll give you a workout? You got it.
You want some timely, whip-sharp pop culture references? You got it.
You want tons of real witty, kickass rhymes? You definitely got it.
What started out as an idea among friends between Peter Shukoff – aka Nice Peter – and Lloyd Ahlquist – aka Epic LLOYD – didn’t stay that way for very long as more and more people discovered Epic Rap Battles of History.
Gaining a huge following with their Darth Vader vs. Hitler battle, the duo just kept on pushing the envelope and generating fresh ideas, eventually becoming an official YouTube channel back in December of 2011.
Pinning historical and pop culture ‘celebrities’ – both real and fictional - against each other in, you guessed it, epic rap battles, the channel’s videos provide tons of laughs and you might even get to see Jenna Marbles rapping as Eve (yes, the Eve from Adam) or Snoop Dogg portraying Moses.
It’s no wonder Epic Rap Battles of History has now become one of YouTube’s most popular channels and has catapulted into the mainstream, with countless fans eagerly awaiting each new epic rap battle, taking to forums to make suggestions and casting their votes for who the winner of each video showdown should be.
Epic Rap Battles of History has been going so strong in fact, the YouTube show has been confirmed to return in the fall of 2013 for a third season.
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