Terrifying Tween Trend: The salt and ice challenge, a new level of stupid

Crédit photo: GloZell Terrifying Tween Trend: The salt and ice challenge, a new level of stupid

How do teens keep coming up with these things? Yes, drinking and getting high have been around for as long as peer pressure has, but intentionally hurting yourself to look cool or fit in? Really? We don’t get it.
The latest in a string of stupid (and worrying) teen trends is the salt and ice challenge, which is just what it sounds like and involves covering a part of your arm, leg, whatever with salt and pressing an ice cube to it for as long as you can withstand the pain.
Just like in wintertime on the sidewalk, the salt begins to melt the ice and, in turn, a burning sensation kicks in as living skin cells are attacked and burned. Some teens are smart enough to stop as soon as the tingling kicks in but others, in an effort to prove how cool they are, walk away with serious second and third-degree burns that can take months to treat and, if left untreated, can become infected, making the whole thing even worse.

In super extreme cases, taking this challenge too far could mean causing damage to muscles, fat and bone, which could lead to a permanently impaired range of motion.

Case in point: A Pittsburgh kid made headlines when he burned a cross on his back while taking part in the salt and ice challenge with his friends. The image is so graphic, we won’t post it here, but you can easily Google it. All we’ll say is he needed serious medical help that involved drug treatment to take care of his major blisters and burns.(see picture here but beware very very graphic and disturbing)
...We don’t know if we want to smack these kids or throw up. Maybe both. 

Watch two ladies attempting the challenge below and for more trends, visit our page here!

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