This Montreal girl claims that she's having an affair with Kanye West

Ooooo, local gossip, yay!

24-year-old model, marketing director of Diamond Spa in Montreal and duckface enthusiast Leyla Ghobadi allegedly claims that she's had tons of sex with father-to-be/massive narcissist Kanye West.

Shady sources say that the two met last July, when Leyla was invited backstage after a Kanye Concert to have drinks with him. How gratifying it must be to be cherry-picked by a bodyguard (not) ! They then proceeded to do it and she apparently turned him down just last week, because she would have felt too bad sleeping with a pregnant woman's husband. She also (maybe) added that Kanye's marriage to Kim was a publicity stunt.

(photo: Instagram) 

What is it with celebs and fake marriages, though? I mean, just date whoever the hell you want, nobody really cares. Has anybody bought a Kanye album BECAUSE he's married to Kim? Doesn't make much sense to me. I'd see the opposite happening, however.

Even though this is probably a load of crap, like all those stories are, it does bring two things to mind. First of all, if you have a chance to meet a super-rich, super-married celebrity, it's understandable that you'll rise to the occasion. Better yet, you can get pregnant and never work again, because yay, hush money.  It's as valid a life plan as any other.

What puzzles me the most is the way this girl looks. Am I the only one thinking that she looks a *lot* like Kim Kardashian? I mean, if you already have one at home, why risk your reputation to bone her french-canadian clone?

(photo: Pascal Le Segretain, Getty Images)

A rep for Kanye has stated earlier today that this was not true at all and Ghobadi has since closed her Facebook account, where she had previously shared an article about the story with the comment "really?"

This is hilarious. Well, it might temporarily help to put to rest all those gay rumors for the pretentious rapper.

Psssttt ! Envoie-ça à ton ami!