Eve and plastic surgery - did she or didn't she?

Crédit photo: George De Sota/Jason Kempin Eve and plastic surgery - did she or didn't she?

Looks like rapper Eve, who we haven’t heard from in a while - she's releasing her first album in 11 years, Lip Lock, this week (read our review here) - has been through some physical changes since her first steps in the music industry.

Her nose: It looks thinner and less wide if you compare the photo from 2000 (on the left) to the other one from 2012 (on the right).

Her eyes: She already has paw-like tattoos on her chest, now it seems that she has adopted the cat eye look as well. How can she still see anything?!

Her overall face: Eve looks way more frozen now than she did in 2000. Maybe Botox injections have to something do with this... 

We all understand the difficulty of growing old, even more so in the celebrity world, but what’s the point when you no longer have facial expressions?!

Our verdict? Guilty of plastic surgery, but she hasn’t crossed the line between subtle and gross (yet). Let’s see if she will know when to stop…

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