Demi Lovato, Eve and MS MR have the week's most buzzed about albums

Crédit photo: Demi Lovato Demi Lovato, Eve and MS MR have the week's most buzzed about albums

Demi Lovato
Hollywood Records

Pop sweetheart, The X Factor mentor, respected fashionista and newly appointed MMVA performer Demi Lovato is back with her fourth album, simply called, Demi.

"It's better than anything I have ever done! I experimented with a variety of different sounds and poured my heart into writing these songs,” said Lovato of the release and it’s not hard to hear, whether you happen to listen to debut single “Heart Attack” or any other track on the album. She went on to add, “[I hope it’ll] provide inspiration for girls everywhere who are going through the same issues I've faced" and we’re pretty certain it will.

We’re so proud of Demi for being open about her demons and working to overcome them, as well as sharing them with the public and if there’s anyone we can’t wait to see performing at this year’s MuchMusic Video Awards, it’s Demi.

Check out the super mega successful first single, "Heart Attack", here...

Lip Lock
From the Rib/RED

It’s been 11 years – ELEVEN! – since we last heard from hip hop powerhouse Eve. We don’t know about you, but that’s 11 years way too long for us… we thought she was never coming back!

Lip Lock is Eve’s fourth album and features collaborations with everyone from Snoop Lion to Missy Elliott (She’s back too?! Say whaaaaat?!). Originally scheduled for release in 2007 under the title Here I Am, it wasn’t an easy road to getting this record out, but we’re sure glad Eve stuck with it. Problems with her label caused the project to be shelved, reworked, renamed and more until, finally, Eve decided to open her own record label and put out the album she wanted.

Talking to, Eve said, “One of the biggest things that I wanted to do on this album was make people realize why they fell in love with me in the first place and then take them on a journey to where I am now musically.” And that’s exactly what she’s done - we couldn’t be happier. Check out her first single, "Eve", now...

Secondhand Rapture
IAMSOUND/Columbia Records

NYC duo MS MR – which is made up of vocalist Lizzy Plapinger and producer Max Hershenow – hasn’t released an album till now and yet, the band already has a fan base that loves them and has been compared to heavyweights like Florence and the Machine and Lana Del Rey.

It’s no wonder then that their debut album, Secondhand Rapture, has been highly anticipated and thankfully, it delivers more of the vintage, lofty sound we’ve come to know and love from their EP, Candy Bar Creep Show. To prep yourself for all this awesomeness, we recommend checking out the video for the band’s first ever single, "Hurricane", below. 

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