Gwyneth Palthrow and her legs are this week's look for less inspiration

Gwyneth Palthrow and her legs are this week's look for less inspiration

Maybe you’re not digging Gwyneth Paltrow's vibe that much (after all she’s been voted the most hated person of the industry), but you’re gonna love the way she says she keeps her man. In a recent interview with Chealsea Handler for her show, Chelsea Lately, Gwyneth claimed that if you want to prevent an argument with your husband, you have to give him a good blowjob every now and then! Well, who am I to argue with anyone's method, really? You go girl!

Love her or hate her, one thing that everrrrybody will agree on is that the lady's got crazy legs. We might not all be blessed with five foot-long legs, but still, here are some tips to achieve Gwyneth Paltrow’s look for less!

Short skirt: To know if your skirt is at an appropriate length, you should  place your arm straight along your body without being able to touch your thigh with your fingers. Your skirt should be short but never be too short. Choose an A-line skirt for a cuter and less sexier look.

Long-sleeved shirt: One way to add class to your outfit, especially with a short skirt, is to pair it with a long-sleeved shirt. It will help balance the whole outfit (and it’s still spring, you know).

High heels: Always a great way to elongate your legs, but if you don’t feel like your feet belong in heels, choose a nice flat instead... Don’t forget: If you wear a short skirt, you should always pair it with classy heels at a decent height or flats to avoid the "borderline hooker" look!

Oil: For effortless shiny and healthy-looking legs, pick up some oil, tainted or not. You choose what suits you best!  

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