Originally created by Danish fisherman and woodcutter Thomas Dam back in 1959, the first ever troll doll was carved by Dam as a Christmas gift for his daughter, but as soon as all the other kids in the village saw it, they decided they wanted - no, needed! - one too... can ya blame 'em?

Going with the name Good Luck Trolls, Dam began producing the dolls out of plastic soon after and they became all the rage in Europe and turned into one of the biggest toy fads EVER in the US in the early '60s.

At first, they were all made of super high quality materials - we're talking sheep wool hair and glass eyes - but it wasn't long before tons of cheap knock-off imitations started flooding the market and then, as was to be expected with any fad, kids got as bored of playing with trolls as they do with everything else.

The dolls did see little resurgences in popularity at various points from the '70s to the '90s, though, and were produced under a number of different names by different companies, but they were never quite as awesome as the originals, so we want nothing to do with 'em.

No, we want to get our vintage-loving hands on a bunch of original Dam trolls, with their perfectly wild hair - reminding all of us that even a bad hair day can be totally stylish - super big eyes, knowing smile and overall creepy but endearing appearance.

We want, we want, we want!!!

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