Amanda Bynes insults Drake on Twitter... guess he never returned her "sexy" Tweets

Crédit photo: @AmandaBynes

Well, well, well, that escalated quickly. Looks like Miss Bynes is quick on the mood changes because it seems like just yesterday she was all up for loving Drake and having the Canadian TV and rap star do very nasty things to her lady business, but now, it sounds more like she wouldn't want him anywhere near her... you know... parts.

In a twist we didn't see coming - although, when you're talking about Amanda, you should expect the unexpected - Bynes turned to Twitter to dish out some hate towards Drake.

First, she posted a pic of him and said: Loving far apart eyes @drake. 

We're no rocket scientists, but that sounds more like an insult than a compliment. And what she posted next kind of solidified that.

Yes, that's a montage of her former What I Like About You costar Nick Zano - who she apparently thinks is hot - and Drake - who she now thinks is ugly. Well, that seems rather harsh, especially since you're talking about someone you wanted to bed just a few weeks ago.

So what gives?

Our guess is that Drake never answered her R-rated Tweet and that rubbed Bynes the wrong way. Are we right or are we right?

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