OK, so, we gotta admit, we're kinda disappointed here, folks.

We were waiting for the day when Amanda would finally pull a Britney on us and now that it has arrived, we're feeling really let down.

There was no drama, no big media blitz and she didn't even shave all of her locks off, just a lil' bit off the side. So, really, she was following more in the footsteps of starlets like Rihanna and Miley Cyrus, adding some 'badass babe' to her look, than taking pointers from Brit. Her real inspiration, though, was Miss Cassie.

"I buzzed half my head like @cassie! No more old photos! This is the new me! I love it," Tweeted Bynes along with the two above photos to show off her new look. 

Believe us, we didn't think we'd say this, but damn, Amanda is looking good. The new hair is making her look young and fabulous and is waaaaay better than the extensions she was sporting and was openly so unhappy about. 

Although this is just the latest odd Tweet from the 27-year-old media basher, we assume she won't be too unpleased about any of the stories that follow this haircut because, well, she surprised us by not doing anything cray cray and by taking her look from bad to awesome.

What will Miss Bynes do to surprise us next? We don't know but we hope it's something as positive as this.

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