DID SHE/DIDN'T SHE? Christina Hendricks' plastic surgery rumours analyzed

Crédit photo: Did Mad Men's Christina Hendricks enhance her killer rack? Sure looks like it to us...

The new season of Mad Men began recently and the question on everyone’s lips once more is: Does Christina Hendricks have breast implants? 

There’s been a lot of speculation about the actress’ voluptuous new look, but she has neither admitted nor denied having plastic surgery.

Well… when you compare a picture of her now to her 1999 photo shoot for Playboy, it's quite obvious that her breasts do look different. And it’s also obvious that a few more pounds or an efficient bra are not enough to make an A cup look like a DD.

Some say that Christina Hendricks’ figure is curvy enough to help everything pass as natural, but the two pictures above seem to prove otherwise. 

There were also rumours about a nose job, but that's minor compared to the huge - and you know that’s the right word for it - difference in her breast region.

Which doesn't make her any less sexy; she was named Sexiest Woman in the World by Esquire Magazine back in 2010. So please, Christina, just admit it if you've done it.

Verdict: Guilty!

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