Look for less: Exploring the Susan Sarandon of yesteryear

Crédit photo: Dose.ca Composite Look for less: Exploring the Susan Sarandon of yesteryear

Other than being an amazing actress, Susan Sarandon has always been a fashionista and although she's still stylin' today, we're obsessed with all her vintage looks from the '70s to the '90s. So much so that we couldn't just settle on one era and instead decided to snag one element from each decade and combine them all into one timely and very contemporary look with perfect old school flare. 


The '70s: Once we were done lookin' at her great beach-ready hair, we couldn't help but admire how super young baby Susan keeps it super simple with a plain white graphic T with rolled up sleeves and looks killer - ahh, the joys of youth. We settled on this kitten shirt over her Disneyland one... a little hipster, yes, but that's kinda the point... but any bold, "ironic" print will do the trick. 


The '80s: Move over, military prints, the bomber jacket is taking over this season... again. We love the way Susan wore the original bomber trend in Bull Durham, but decided to go for an updated version here, done in silk and not as preppy-looking, making it more versatile. Throw it over jeans and a T or over a dress, it doesn't matter, it'll help any outfit look fierce.


The '90s: In Thelma & Louise, Susan really shows off her badass side as well as sporting a lot of trends that have made a recent comeback. Washed out, bleached denim is in again and especially perfect for spring - although the high rise is more than optional!



- and who doesn't love some chunky, bold jewelry like this turquoise necklace? Worn with this outfit, it takes everything to the next level but still looks casual. Add it to something a little more fancy and it'll play that up too with its gold accents = win-win.


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