It might not have been anything as serious as a hand or an entire limb, but 30 Seconds to Mars frontman Jared Leto recently revealed in an interview with British radio station Xfm that a crazed fan actually sent him part of him/herself as a piece of fan mail once.

Yup, pulling a total Vincent Van Gogh – except in this case it likely wasn’t in the form of a tormented yet brilliant artist’s absinthe-induced hallucination - said fan took dedication and crazy to a whole new level, chopping off their entire ear and shipping it to Leto... Huh, we wonder if they splurged the extra couple bucks on registered mail so they could track their not-so-beloved ear as it made its way to Leto?

The rocker/actor went on to reveal that he never found out who the person behind this wild stunt was, which is really weird when you consider it seems like JUST the way to get a VIP ticket to a 30 Seconds to Mars show and doesn’t at all scream for a restraining order or, perhaps better suited, an in-depth psychoanalysis.

So what happened to the lonely ear? Leto never addressed that point, so it may be likely he’s still holding on to it, the attention-loving rock star that he is. Can’t get a bigger ego stroke than that, can ya?

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