Please, please, please tell us this is a cruel joke because no loving parent would put their child through the burden of being named after a direction, especially when their last name will be just that.

We could handle Apple and deal with Blue Ivy, but North West - isn't that taking things a little too far?

We get it, KimYe, you like being "original" and love when everyone in the entire universe is talking about you, but your child isn't a pet Chihuahua or a new perfume that you can name and do with as you please. 

And it's not the 'West' part that bothers us most, either, it's the fact that someone would even think to choose a name that is not a name at all, but a location or a direction or, as we Canadians know it, home. 

They might as well opt to name their bundle of joy KimYe, Kardamon or Kandle – please note our clever use of the letter ‘K’ – because at least then the silly but potentially cute Kardashian heritage of giving out baby names that start with a ‘K’ would be kept alive and strong.

OR! They could opt for our personal fave, Fame-Seeking-Taylor-Swift-Hating-Crybaby West, because then it'd be truly reflective of the baby’s heritage and make perfect sense. 

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