Aww! File this in the cute folder: According to Us Weekly, Kate Middleton and her man Prince William are reportedly ramping up for parenthood complete with baby-bump monikers.

A source told the mag that, despite playing coy on the sex of her bun in the oven, the couple have come up with a unique moniker for the fetus. Kate and William call it our little grape, the source said.

Baby monikers arent the only pregnancy-related thing that the young mother-to-be has on the brain. Another insider told the mag, Shes got sugar on the brain, another source says. Chocolate, biscuits, cake.

According to reports, despite Williams grueling work schedule as a search-and-rescue pilot, hes doing everything in his power to be there for his lady. They make it work as best they can, the source revealed.

The royal couple made an appearance together this past weekend in Hampshire, England for the annual St. Patricks Day parade. Unfortunately, the Duchess ran into some technical problems when her heel got stuck in a drain. That didnt stop her from handing out shamrock sprigs and talking to onlookers, however.

One onlooker, Sergeant Thomas Laven, had the chance to speak to the Duchess and swapped parenthood stories of his 7-month-old son, reports Us Weekly.

I congratulated her on the impending birth and said, Youve got sleepless nights to come, he said. She said she was prepared for it.

I asked if she had any names and she said no.

I said I suppose youve got to stick to traditional names.

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