Jonathan Taylor Thomas is back on the small screen - and we have the photos!

Crédit photo: ABC Jonathan Taylor Thomas is back on the small screen - and we have the photos!

Hold on to your seats, ladies, because everyones favourite 90s heartthrob is back on the small screen!

Thats right, a TV return has been confirmed for the Home Improvement star who was best known by three little letters: JTT.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas, a Tiger Beat regular, is set to appear beside his former sitcom dad, Tim Allen, in Allens latest endeavour, Last Man Standing.

According to, Randy Taylor err, JTT will play a former co-worker of Allens characters daughter, who now runs his own restaurant.

ABC has issued this description of the episode:

LAST MAN STANDING College Girl Jonathan Taylor Thomas makes a special guest star appearance when he reunites with Tim Allen, his dad from Home Improvement. When the less-than-studious Mandy gets accepted to not one but two colleges, Kristin realizes its time to reevaluate where she is in her life. While out on a special date with Ryan, she is pleasantly surprised to see Jon (Thomas), a former co-worker from the diner where she still works, who is now the successful owner of a hip, upscale restaurant. Meanwhile, Mike and Vanessa wonder if Mandys college choice, a party school in California, is right for her; and Eve gets help with her Junior ROTC competition from neighbor Chuck Larabee, on the Season Finale of Last Man Standing, FRIDAY, MARCH 22 on the ABC Television Network.

For those gals who have tried to keep up with their favourite former dream suitor, its been a near impossible task, as JTT has been laying low under the radar with the rare exception of an Entertainment Weekly photo shoot in 2011.

According to the star, hes been hitting the books and travelling.

I think at this point, Id eventually like to work behind the camera, Thomas explained. Thats not to say I would never act again. Im not quite sure, to be honest. I still have a passion for TV and film.

It looks like we arent the only ones who are excited about JTTs return to the small screen. Thomas former fatherly figure confirmed the good news via his Twitter account.

Jt joins us this week on Lms Tim Allen (@ofctimallen) February 15, 2013

The episode, College Girl, airs on Friday, March 22 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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