Amanda Bynes' new makeover summed up in a few fan Tweets

Crédit photo: Amanda Bynes Amanda Bynes' new makeover summed up in a few fan Tweets

In case you didnt hear, Amanda Bynes has gone off the deep-end again, and is giving Lindsay Lohan, and her trout pout, a run for her money.

The Shes the Man actress recently debuted a new makeover, including dirty blonde curled locks, claw-shaped fingernail, cheek piercing and a toque that reads trapstar.

Bynes took to her Twitter account to reveal her new look captioned Wink ; ).

In another photo, the starlet rocks a Captains hat, with her hair pulled back revealing not one but two cheek piercings, a horrible fake tan and maybe a new tattoo.

Either way, Manders new look isnt doing much for her already tarnished reputation. But hey, dont take it from us, kidlets; lets see what the fans had to say:

Amanda bynes. Noooo way. #SMH SmokinOnKeisha (@shelbyLwilliams) March 11, 2013

Amanda Bynes looks like she's possessed by Rita Ora and The Ghost of the Bad Girls Club. Fury Tyler Moore (@KidFury) March 10, 2013

My first reaction to this photo was, Jesus Christ, Nicki Minajs turning white just like Nicole Polizzi (@SnookiSense) March 11, 2013

Ok, hold the press. E! is trying to tell us that this pic of Amanda Bynes is not Nicki Minaj. Blonde #hair and all Indian Princess Hair (@IPHextensions) March 11, 2013

Amanda Bynes: Curly-Haired and Crazy #Gossip Curious Fashion (@curious_fashion) March 11, 2013

Remember when Amanda Bynes was normal? Good times. Kimberly Moore (@kimberlyannm) March 11, 2013

heard amanda bynes bout to drop a mixtape as 'amanda bandz' Donwill (@donwill) March 11, 2013

Have we seen Amanda Bynes lately? A MESS. Scarlett (@PeculiarPFemme) March 11, 2013

What did amanda bynes do to herself? Miss Meagan (@wiggy_houston) March 11, 2013

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