Will Chelsea Handler spill the deets on Jennifer Aniston's wedding?

Crédit photo: Tom Sorensen Will Chelsea Handler spill the deets on Jennifer Aniston's wedding?

Chelsea Handler may be Jennifer Anistons BFF, but even she isnt privy to Anistons super-secret wedding plans or so she says.

The late night funny lady hosts todays episode of Katie Courics talk show, Katie, but when asked about the big day, Chandler, for once, remained tight-lipped.

I honestly dont know anything about it, Handler said, according to People. She doesnt consult me on her plans.

She was apparently serious when she said that. According to reports, Couric pushed for a little more info like perhaps if Handler should start getting ready to try on bridesmaid (or flower girl) dress or start planning a bachelorette party.

Would you ask me to be a flower girl? I mean seriously, Handler quipped. Im not getting married but I would ask you to be a bridesmaid, Couric replied, according to People.

Bridesmaids are tricky, Handler added. If I got married I wouldnt even have a bridesmaid. Chuy would be my flower girl or no, ring bearer. See! I dont even know what happens at weddings.

So what does Handler know? I know shes engaged but thats all I know, Handler said. Im sure Ill find out about it when its about to happen for privacy issues.

Shes happy, of course, Handler gushed. Hes a great guy.

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