Beyoncé may have been one of the many famous faces at Barack Obama’s inauguration, and the upcoming face of the 2013 Super Bowl, but it’s her latest venture is the one that is making headlines on fashion blogs around the world.

Ok, so it’s not confirmed, but a lot of people are speculating that Beyoncé will be the next fashionista to collaborate with retail giant, H&M.

The news almost went unnoticed last week, but a couple of lucky followers managed to get the inside scoop after a back-up dancer blew Beyoncé’s cover out of the water.

While on location for a super-secret swimwear shoot,  one of her back-up dancers, who joined Bey on-location, accidentally let it slip that the superstar would be hookin’ up with H&M.

Back-up dancer, Kimberly Gipson, Tweeted, “First day of trial in the Bahamas! H&M all set .  .  . go,” reports the Daily Mail UK.

The dancer later deleted the Tweet — but it was too late, the Interwebs had already exploded with the gossipy goodness.

When reached for a comment, an H&M rep told, “We cannot comment on these rumors at this time.”

So, place your bets y’all! Do you think that Bey’s collection will be Bootylicious? Will Momma Knowles have a hand in the designs? Or will Bey’s collection be urban-chic a la House of Dereon?

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