LMFAO's Sky Blu pops bottles, releases track without Redfoo

Crédit photo: David Kawai/Postmedia News LMFAO's Sky Blu pops bottles, releases track without Redfoo

When LMFAO announced their hiatus in September, Redfoo and Sky Blu made something known: during the split, they'd both dedicate themselves to solo projects. And so, Unca Redfoo and nephew Sky Blu parted ways, each shuffling to the beat of his own drum machine until it was time to party-rock once more.

Enter, then, this new track -- a song called Pop Bottles which surfaced online over the weekend.

It's all about hitting the club, just like an LMFAO song.

It's propelled by a twitchy, four-on-the-floor beat, just like an LMFAO song.

And its chanted chorus of "Pop bottles, make it rain/ Every night it's all the same" could be mistaken for a line out of Shots or Champagne Showers or pretty much any LMFAO song.

But this one's a solo track -- out courtesy of Sky Blu and his new music collective Big Bad University. "I created my own university. Basically I grew up people always telling me what I can and can't do," Sky Blu told MTV News in the fall, explaining the origins of the group. "I created a university for dreamers. We have a lot of musical artists in there and DJs and everybody in there is about to release a big song," he continued. (Pop Bottles features Big Bad University vocalist Mark Rosas, for instance.)

But so far, that dream feels like a recurring one. Pop Bottles sounds just like LMFAO. (And a lot like Redfoo, too, for that matter; Foo's debut solo single, which he released to iTunes Dec. 28, is called Bring Out the Bottles. Seems these two haven't parted ways over artistic differences.)

Still, it's just one song. Late last year, Sky Blu performed on the Latin Grammy Awards, where he revealed he would be working on a Latin music project, and in December, while appearing at MuchMusic's Big Jingle concert in Toronto, he told Canada.com that his upcoming album is being influenced by Trap.

"Nothing that I listen to sounds like what I make because I lock myself in the studio with me and my friends and we really look at these records like our kids, in a way. We have a sensitive emotional attachment to these things. I look at it as art. So the record that I'm coming with, the album that I'm coming with is a piece of me to the world, and it's really means a lot. But it's party. It's all that stuff in there and then a little bit of something else," Sky Blu told Canada.com.

"My full record basically has a lot of influence of -- there's a lot of new music called Trap music, which is electro music mixed with hip hop dirty south music. There's a lot of that in my record. So a lot of experimental type vibes in there where you will hear a song and you'll be like 'I've never heard a song sound like this ever.'"

Listen to Pop Bottles below:

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