Max George of The Wanted's favourite song of 2012 is.

Crédit photo: Getty Images Max George of The Wanted's favourite song of 2012 is.

He-e-ey, sexy boy band. What’s your favourite song of 2012? As The Wanted’s Max George told, he was loving Gangnam Style in 2012 -- the biggest South Korean novelty pop hit of the year. Or ever. Watch the video below (because 200 times and counting still isn’t enough).

2. The following people also know how to Gangnam Style: Britney Spears, British Prime Minister David Cameron, dissident Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei, Barbara Walters, Spice Girl Mel B, Manny Pacquiao, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, your mom.

3. Gangnam Style has been viewed more times than any other video on YouTube. Uploaded in July, it had 966,808,546 views (and counting) as of writing.

4. The song has been one of the most monstrous hits of the year, and inspired as many magazine columns about the rise of K-Pop as there were PSYs at your Halloween party. But Gangnam Style isn't the first K-Pop tune to break the Billboard Hot 100. Wonder Girls beat PSY to that record in 2009 with their song Nobody.

5. Gangnam Style's popularity has transcended cultural barriers, genre barriers -- even political ones. North Korea pony-jumped on the Gangnam Style craze – although most citizens of the dictatorial state have no way of accessing the music video.  As per the New York Times, Gangnam Style is such a pop culture phenomenon that it was spoofed in a North Korean propaganda video.

Watch Gangnam Style by PSY, Max George of The Wanted's favourite song of 2012:

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