Jay McGuiness of The Wanted's favourite song of 2012 is.

Crédit photo: Getty Images Jay McGuiness of The Wanted's favourite song of 2012 is.

Let me tell you what Jay McGuiness’ favourite song of 2012 is:

It’s Ne-Yo’s Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself).

“I thought the lyrics were very sweet,” The Wanted’s curly-haired member told Canada.com backstage at MuchMusic’s Big Jingle before his bandmates could interject with their year-end picks.

Check out the video below, but first, here are 5 fast facts about McGuiness’ favourite song of 2012:

1. If the clunky song title seems longer than the title of your average Fiona Apple record, there might be a good reason. Ne-Yo wrote a whole other song called, more simply, Let Me Love You. It was recorded and released in 2004 by a different R&B crooner, though: Mario, who turned it into a No. 1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100.

2. Sia co-wrote the track with Ne-Yo and the singer-songwriter has enjoyed an extraordinary 2012, writing and also featuring on some of the year's most ubiquitous hits. Some quick examples: the Aussie pop star penned Rihanna's Diamonds, provided the vocal hook on Flo Rida's Wild Ones, and sang on David Guetta's Titanium, a tune she also co-wrote.

5. If you can name a talk show, Ne-Yo has performed Let Me Love You on it. (OK, maybe not EVERY talk show. Maury doesn't do musical guests.) Let Me Love You has been featured on The View, Jimmy Kimmel, and the Ellen DeGeneres Show among others.

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