Nelly Furtado's 5 favourite albums of 2012

Crédit photo: Universal Music Nelly Furtado's 5 favourite albums of 2012

Don't expect any pyrotechnics or “like a bird” aerial work. (The 2007 Junos, anyone?)

Do expect a mix of hits and new songs from September’s The Spirit Indestructible.

"I just want people to walk away feeling inspired, really. Positive, inspired, happy, energized: that's my goal," she says.

And the singer-songwriter seeks out that same spirit of positivity when listening to others' music.

Here are Nelly Furtado's favourite albums of 2012:

Nelly Furtado’s Canadian tour dates include:

Victoria, Jan. 8

Vancouver, Jan. 9

Kamloops, Jan. 11

Calgary, Jan. 12

Medicine Hat, Jan. 14

Edmonton, Jan. 15

Thunder Bay, Jan. 19

Ottawa, Jan. 21

Toronto, Jan. 24

Windsor, Jan. 26

Kitchener, Jan. 29

Montreal, Jan. 30

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