Hear Avril Lavigne's Nickelback cover

Crédit photo: Getty Images Hear Avril Lavigne's Nickelback cover

When you combine Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger, you get Chavril.

When you combine Avril Lavigne and Nickelback, you get smooth A/C jazz.

We're not sure what terrifying mystery of alchemy is to blame for these affronts to nature, but here's what we do know:

Lavigne has covered Nickelback's career-making hit, How You Remind Me.

(So it was prophesied, and so it has been done.)

As of today, the recording has surfaced. A leak via Japanese iTunes appears to be responsible, though theories involving the Mayan calendar or gypsy curses or buckets full of money might hold as much weight. It’s one of two Lavigne tunes to feature on the soundtrack of the anime movie One Piece Film: Z. (She also covers Joan Jett’s Bad Reputation.)

But on her How You Remind Me cover, Lavigne does her best high-school jazz-singer impersonation, throwing a stilted rhythm on the dirge-like melody that launched Nickelback to ubiquity. There's a little bit of meandering, Tori Amos-lite piano – and some soft brush work on the drums. The wailings and lamentations of millions of souls awaiting eternal damnation are barely audible on the recording, a tribute to her producer’s talent.

Apparently, Lavigne is the more adult half of this relationship. Or just the more adult contemporary.

According to the Guardian, the next sign of the apocalypse will arrive with Lavigne's next album. She and fiance, Chad Kroeger, have recorded a duet for the disc.

Listen to Avril Lavigne covering How You Remind Me:

And here's a One Piece Film: Z trailer that features both How You Remind Me and Lavigne's cover of Bad Reputation:

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